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Re: I had no idea this could take place

As I said, I had no idea if it was something thatCOULD happen, not that I said that it had.


I still haven't seen anything that indicates that the Marshal couldn't be given that assignment. Or could, for that matter.  


Did a search at National inquirer to honor BA but came up empty as for anything definitive.


I hope it's wrong.  Last thing I want is for Trump to be routed out of office.  Doing a bang up job of educating Americans.  Tuition free.  

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Re: I had no idea this could take place

He's giving them an education on the evils of the deep state. And the damage done by those unable to accept the results of the election. And also on how the main stream media is nothing more than the progressive propaganda machine.

I know, I know...polls are bogus

The election proved it.


But independent 538 generally closer than those that have a connection bias:

Re: I know, I know...polls are bogus

I'd guess that "strongly disapprove" is a little stickier than "strongly approve."


At 2:1 that's a death knell.


That's not to say his base and inertia won't be protective- all things being equal- and they're not. More a matter of his coattails.


If he's still around in 2018 I think you're likely to see candidates running away from his like he has leprosy in all but the Trumpiest districts.



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Re: I had no idea this could take place

No bs, Mensch is German and means "human" and/or "man".