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Senior Contributor

I had to happen.

Elections seems to shadow strange nocturnal happenings in the forests.  Old Trumpy needs the to feel relevant so yet again declares his candidacy.  His huge combover has a small stick attached to his ears to hold it in positon with the help of a gallon of gossamer. He held his launch in a container on a barge in the Hudson River.  I know because both his supporters could be heard from the bank.  Oh he rattled off the usual projects which brings raptuous applause, stop Obamacare,  bigger borders and getting tough on ISIS. He promised to make the US once again great.  As if he could do it.  As if it wasnt. He is just another opportunistic blowhard to doing a straw poll on his popularity.


Then the serial contender, that slimy old tart Huckabee. He has had more runs at it than hospital full of diaorehhea.  He always uses god as his crutch and lots flock to him to bring religion into the WH. Alas, he has not had his divine wishes to get him past first base.  He is just another struggler hoping to get catapuled in on the name of god.  Goodbye Mike.  Goodbye Trumpy.  The first two casualties never made a mark.  What a joke.