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I hate to tell you people this, but trump is the reason for higher insurance

right here it is, in black in white.

oh yes there will be those here who will holler that it's fake news, but children, if the insurance company is leaving due to that

stated fact, it's not fake.


oh, you ask how will this impact me, well....these will be huge loses for the insurance companys, and some might be so huge

(were talking in the billions), the company will go broke, and everyone will be left out in the cold.


This is just a mad man going nuts that's going to break us all.......the sad thing, you just don't see it or understand it.


insurance companys raised their rates, because they don't trust him, and who pays the higher rates......I do, you do, thanks

to his huffing and puffing and threats.


yes, a might big man is one who puts fear in the hears of those with serious medical conditions, who now cant afford coverage,

and in cases if they don't continue care or treatment, die...........


yes he's a mighty big man.........tell you what, those that want to respond to this, go out and talk to someone who is fighting

cancer or some other horrible disease, and ask them home important health insurance is to them.....many are cutting corners

now, just to have coverage.


yes, it's easy here to type on a screen, and not see a human face, but maybe you should........maybe the person that wants to

cut them off he's too busy trying to start world war III, with his little twitter machine.