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Re: So, for that whole nine months ....

@sdholloway56 wrote:

Yes, but not necessarily human life.

Thats an arbitrary call.

Well before viability seems reasonable as a matter of moral precaution.

the dna would very much be recognized as human.

I'm not sure you've reached viability

Senior Advisor

Re: "Illegal aliens ... jam a card ", guess what 3020.

To get their vote is why they're here.

Senior Advisor

Re: "Get their vote ... why they're here".

That's crap and you know it.  They're here to make a living, they could care less about voting, and you know.

  You better give up before you make yourself look even more foolish.  But I know you won't, you have no qualms about making yourself look the fool.

Senior Advisor

Re: "Get their vote ... why they're here".

They're here because * opened the gates. We know the dems want their vote by the way they treated the cuban refugees. The thing is the vast majority of the ILLEGALS are pro life Christians.