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Senior Advisor

I have been watching interviews with Russians lately and ...

... the similarities with the MAGA cult are striking (especially the MAGA cult here).  Blind allegiance & obedience to trump on one hand, to Putin on the other. MAGA cult believes any lie damn lie trump cares to tell them and then violently attacks Congress.  As for the Russians, Putin tells us Ukraine is run by Nazis, that NATO means to invade Russia, etc. so we must invade. The Russian people & soldiers say over & and, "I'm not political", I don't want to talk about it, I trust uncle putin with my life.  It's just pathetic.

  What is both ironic & sad is just how little regard putin (& Russian army) has for the lives of the Russians he sends to die in Ukraine.  

  Hey, MAGA-rats, do you actually think trump gives a damn about you?  Honestly now?