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Veteran Contributor

Re: I have some questions

I bet none of you liberals on this site know that President Bush started the practiice of holding these dinners starting in 2002 after 9/11 with the hopes of showing Muslims around the world that we were not at war with the Muslim religion.  Pretty obvious that many  of the Muslim faith have chosen to ignore our efforts in diplomacy, no great surprise.



Veteran Advisor

Re: I have some questions

'm not exactly a liberal by dommon definitino, but I did know that.


Diplomcy tkes plce with states. What are you refering to that has failed?


Groups of people uhappy with things don't represent states. I'd hope that people on the other side of the world hearnig about Rev. Phelps t teh militry fyunerals wouldn't thin that is ll of "us", as you seem to be doing with this comment.



Bush probably had good intentions. lmlited of course by his pedigree of lazy convenience and criminality...always looked like he was a guy on a mission to make iup for something or other   but he just never realized how bad the guy in the next room and the neocon crazies ctually were. When you re the patsie for somebody hhell bent on world dominion that's a tough script to play right.