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Re: Not Sure Yet....Do You See a Good Place for New Borders?

Senior Advisor

Re: How would you keep your idealistic concept going....

Without the revenues from the seaboard states you would have nothing to spend. Those mid westerners, praries state [lus the south do not want to pay taxes. How in the world would you ever expect to finance your military conquests. No money no war no military.


You should thank your lucky stars that you have those liberal states to finance your flawed ambitions.


I don't doubt your tired and sick, because if you have to pay any taxes it is too much!

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Re: I haven't heard

Tea Partiers may think Obama spends to much or is expanding the role of government but the Republican party should find Obama to be pretty close with them on several key issues.   Obama has been an extension of Bush with his handling and use of our military, Intel, and unmanned drone attacks in Iraq, Afghanistan, and even Pakistan.  In fact Obama has been more hawkish with his increased use of missiles fired from unmanned drones which typically include the wounding and deaths of innocent civilians.   Obama has shown himself to be far from a left wing gun banner out to confiscate everyones guns.  He continued Bush's use of large bail outs to select companies and banks to help fight our country's growing financial woes.  After first pandering to his party's more radical element Obama has since backed away from any investigations or possible charges against anyone in the Bush administration for possible improper use of Intel and torture.   Obama has agreed to boost spending and provide National Guard units to help improve security on our southern border.  Obama's administration has continue the ICE raids to combat the hiring of illegals.  Obama has stayed the course with the slow and difficult plan to closing down  GITMO.  After his A.G. first announced he had decided on his own (wink, wink) to move suspected terrorists trials to civilian courts, Obama has since hedged his bets and left the idea of trials held at military bases and even possibly continued use of military tribunals for some suspects.  Then just a couple of months ago Obama shocks most everyone when he announces the first expansion in more then two decades for offshore oil and gas drilling in regions of Alaska, the eastern Gulf of Mexico and 50 miles off Virginia's coast. 


Obama's Supreme Court nominees are no John Roberts but no one knows for sure just how his nominees will end up being juedged as there is always a few that end up surprising their critics and supporters alike.   It is true Obama is no where close to Repubs on health care reform although I admit I'm not sure just what Repub's plans are if they were to repeal the Dem's recently passed reform.   Obama has done a good job keeping abortion off the front burner but he will diffidently stay the party course on the issue and not agree with Repubs on many points regarding this hot button issue.  However if you step back and look at the big picture Obama has not been that far apart with the Republican party on many key issues.