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Veteran Advisor

I just dont understand anymore

Things are getting worse....there

Are few if any places to send people who need advanced care...

Not covid....but heart attacks truma


Entire school classes sick


Yet...people refuse to wear a simple mask.

"Its my right" it isnt.

In a class on law...we were told

Your rights end where my nose


What if you have it and spead it...

Our you catch it..get sick and 

Go to hosp and add to the overload. are making such a

Big deal about rights..,and having

To wear masks....go study history

What happened with the 1918

Flu....what about poilo...things

Were enacted then.....

The difference...people understood

The, one man

Said this was a farce...his concern

Not for people...but getting back

In office.....

As for this is your


For those who think its wrong..

But still bible thumpers....

Remember they should not

Test my god they neighbor 

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Senior Contributor

Re: I just dont understand anymore

You are in the End Times. Be prepared to Meet Your Maker and explain how you can vote for those whom murder babies on Tuesday, and then sing “Oh, How I Love Jesus” , on Sunday. 

Senior Advisor

Re: I just dont understand anymore

People are wearing mask more than ever yet the virus spreads. Stay in. Protect yourself. Vaccines are but weeks away.

Senior Contributor

Re: I just dont understand anymore

Your right Elchopo. No one person is important anymore.  It is the collective that must live on. And of course a select few Dem leaders.