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I like Hillary because

can anybody fill in the rest of that sentence without saying anything stupid or anti-Republican?


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Re: I like Hillary because

Sorry, I can't even answer that if you changed it to "I dislike Hillary the least because _________".


But I'm still open to think about and consider what others might say.  Mostly because my thoughts on the other alternatives at this point are not dissimilar.

Senior Contributor

Re: I like Hillary because

I like Mrs. Clinton because she has a warm personality. She stuck with her husband and saved her marriage is spite of his indiscretions. Unfortunately, she has been hung with responsibility for his sins that were not her own. So evidently she must share culpability for his transgressions for the remainder of her life.


Yes I defend her from her adversaries who are unjust in their treatment of her. Folks that demonize her in any way they can. Like my wife being blamed for my bad behavior. Don't you think that would hurt her to the core? Why would you do that? For political reasons, perhaps?


Mrs. Clinton has had alot of experience in the circle of power. From personal experience in the white house  and the legislative power of the senate as well as dealing in foreign affairs. What candidate do you have with equal credentials and experience. The lady is far more prepared than any candidate, right or left. So why not support the former first lady?


Now, can you truthfully discredit her without being stupid or anti democrat?

Re: I like Hillary because

.........she's a good stealth republican who brings a different group of sheep to the slaughter?


And since she is a seriously flawed person, like her husband, she abets a continuance of phony partisanship based on identity.