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I'm a very stable genius !!!


i'm sorry folks, I just about wet myself when I saw that !!!


folks we have a mess on our hands.....


he (the president) he's a very stable (mental) genius, because he was a successful business man (and how many times did he

file for bankruptcy), then the "star" of a TV show, and then president !!!


let's give him an IQ test.............


then he'll say it's fake


how on gods green earth did we let someone like that to get into the highest office in the land.........and he's now below 40%

approval.....I know, that's "fake news".........same as the economy is wonderful....yet smart money and advisory services

are pulling stuff out of the DOW.....look at the chart..........we're trained to look at charts with the commoditys, what does

the chart and the indicators say ??

oh, if so wonderful, why is sears and kmart going down, some of the biggest retailers.........


folks.........I just shake my head anymore..........I think we're on a run away train and the person in the engine just keeps

on going faster..........all the while patting himself on the back and telling himself he is a genius...........



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chart to go with it

here is the chart with the dow that everyone is pointing to.............


a couple of things, if this was a commodity chart............what would you forcast was coming in the near future ?


notice the rsi is 80+, look how much over the moving averages we are, and look at the bottom, I think it's the

"m" stuff, in other words, if I remember right, then the two lines cross that's usually a signal in change of direction.


from the places I get my info, the reason for the dow is not that things are good, it's where do you put the 401k funds

that come in every day.......bonds and the like.......maybe 2% return, how do you think your investors will feel (or go)

so we have to have returns.......and we've seen them..........but remember a few years back, when things went bang,

stuff started to fall, 401k's looking half their value...........


ok what happens when we see say a 20% retracement.........what do you think that will do to the economy.......and

tweety's approval.........after all, he's taking the credit for it..............


Re: I'm a very stable genius !!!

Me too!

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Re: I'm a very stable genius !!!

Was surprised yesterday afternoon to go to our local (closest) Best Buy and discover it is no more.

People who need to tell you

they are stable, or smart, generally aren't.


The same goes- in spades- for those who tell you how honest they are.


So far that has been too shameless even for Trump.  "I never lie?"


Actually, The Base knows full well that he lies compulsively, but the approve.

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Re: I'm a very stable genius !!!

The Ag economy has always ran contrary to the general economy.

Trump has spent his entire life surrounded by bobbing heads. It’s impossible to maintain/develop self awareness like that. I think he has had a positive effect thus far but he could probably have been more effective if he wasn’t an *****. That’s where the low approval ratings come in.
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Re: I'm a very stable genius !!!

elcheapo, he got in because many people preferred him to Hillary Clinton.  What at mouthful that is.  As the various parties ramp up for forthcoming elections, let's see how long that is understood or remembered and how many times we'll have to repeat the Trump experiment before the politicians get the message.


Oh, I have no doubt the Dems can do quite well, but I also have zero confidence they will extract anything of value from the Clinton debacle so they'll have to be taught the same lesson again and again.


Republicans?  As long as they are in bed with the whacko religious right they have no hope of doing any better in the long term.


What happened to a centrist group of moderates who had the ability to vote on the issues?  The parties killed them with the people's silent acquiescence.  It's time to get rid of caucuses as a first step.

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Re: I'm a very stable genius !!!

I’ve had one theory for the primary and another for the general election

In the primary there was a specific number of people that would have supported any populist unconventional candidate. The louder more obnoxious the better. The other 17 had to split the rest. Not enough of those 17 dropped out in time to keep Trump from racking up electoral votes.

In the general it was simple in my estimation. He beat the most undesirable candidate that has won a nomination.
I believe those original Trump primary voters are the 30 + percent his approval has always been at
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Re: I'm a very stable genius !!!

I think the GOP has been fractured in two ways. First the tea party divided it, and then Trump brought in hordes of voters who had no past ties or loyalty to the GOP.

The Dems sudden lurch to the extreme left will be it’s undoing. Anecdotal evidence is What has happened to marriage. His Magesty Obama was for protecting marriage a short time ago. Now if a person believes in the sanctity of marriage being between man and woman, they are not looked at as simply believing as Obama did. They are called evil, close minded extreme and must be destroyed if they won’t participate in it

I believe the article is correct but the GOP is being torn apart and made extreme by the outside while the Democratic Party from the inside.

Forgive my intrusion. I posted a lot here 20 years ago. A stroke took my ability to drive and I get pretty bored.