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I'm becomming worried

just hasn't been a good week or so..........we lost a lot of friends this past week to week and a half.  A particular bad one was a 6 year

old boy, who was accidently run over by his mom.  knew both his grandparents.

now our little golden boy is being tested.......i'm not sure he is passing.....which impacts us all.

from threating to cut off health insurance payments to those who are in the need the so many of his ideas just falling

flat on their faces...and now his international stuff.....which I don't think he understands......we are being hurt in agriculture

for the lack of trade programs......wheat down 16 cents the last couple of china's air force is on alert.........north korea

threating to hit is with a nuclear bomb....and Russia......buzzing our ships, and a number of other things.........

I think our golden boy has had to learn very very fast, that this isn't like running a hotel or casino........this is REAL business

VERY serious business.........

just worried...still the production budgets don't look good at all


frankly, I haven't been this worried for a number of years

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Re: I'm becomming worried

Golden boy, lol, kinda reminds me of Goldfinger where they spray the bimbo with gold paint.


FWIW, I think markets in general are way too complacent about the event risk associated with a government shutdown.


Sure, if Trump cuts off ACA subsidies as a result of failure to fund his wall (which Mexico was going to beg him to pay for), he can blame the democrats. But nobody who isn't already in crazyville is going to believe that- and very few of them are coming back from crazyville anyway.