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I'm making book on Kellyanne

whoever comes closest guessing how many Dalmation puppies it took to make her coat.

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Re: I'm making book on Kellyanne



Baby  seals, for maximim effect.


the other world class liar

along with Conway who came on board the Trump campaign and rescued it. Bannon.


Seems a fair guess that what I'd suspected, but hoped against, is what is really going down here.


BTW, if you read Mr. Bannon's world view he'd fir right in at Ag Forum with interesting and unique historical concepts.


Whoever is behind Trump/Bannon etc. (Trump isn't smart enough to do anything original) is going to pivot straight into a full out alliance with Russia and Israel for a Final Solution against "Radical Islam".


Britain got peeled off, continental Europe marginalized (they're not into that stuff so much any more) and the table is set.


Since the US has been losing The War for the Greater Middle East since we commenced it in 1979, I guess this is The Big One?


The last move was a major botch but who knows what we're looking at now. Probably not anybody much's kiddies' boots on the ground- maybe the bioweapons that the Milligan Brothers have developed in their Mom's basement?



Re: I'm making book on Kellyanne

Trump n' Bannon clubbin' em on the head.


It would be the fake manly thing for pudgy chickenhawks to engage in.

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Re: the other world class liar

They have a funny plan to defeat all those militant islamists as their ban on Muslim countries just increased the number of recruits to the militants armies.


I see some Iraquies are calling for a ban on US citizens from their country in retaliation.

Re: I'm making book on Kellyanne

Speaking of books I just read that they can't get copies of 1984 printed and distributed for sale anywhere close to fast enough to come close to meeting demand.

I'd suspect many who are picking it up are doing so again. Likely read it in high school with the takeaway being dependent on whether you lived in "real 'Murcia" or elsewhere, or as it was in my case in 10th grade, the political and cultural views of your English teacher. Are they wanting to re-check the "double speak" and "permanent war" bits. Maybe to hold them up to the light of Steve Bannon?

When I hear of the education system failing to teach 'our values' and I think back to the skinhead cold-warrior who taught us English and the German Lutheran Social Studies instructor who, even having served in WW2, would allude to the notion that it was quite possible that we had fought on the wrong side.
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Re: I'm making book on Kellyanne

Getting desperate are you?

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Re: I'm making book on Kellyanne

(Kellyanne's coat)


Hardnox - The title of Ag-Forum Fashionista is yours.