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I'm old enough to remember

in fact wasn't particularly young at the time, when the 2004 election was decided by flat out, hands down, dead to rights huge statistical anomalies in the OH vote*. 

My larger takeaway from that was that the entire MSM and nascent RW echo chamber landed on anyone who dared question the results of the US' sacrosanct elections system like they were a bunch of meth crazed QAnons or something (lol).

BTW, Kerry conceded immediately and offered his full support to the President Re-elect.

*after state workers were sent home,  election tabulations rerouted to a remote server out of state and returned with a very different look. The fellow in charge died in a solo plane crash shortly before he was to have to testify under oath to a Grand Jury.

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Re: I'm old enough to remember

Downballot far outperformed the POTUS that year as well.

Despite being only elected by a questionable whisker, George II claimed a huge mandate.

Immediately attempted to privatize SS, which wound down into a smoking heap within a few weeks.

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Re: I'm old enough to remember

Trump Trifecta


                                                                 ( Trump , twice )