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I'm thinking Newt got the Hermanator

Although the initial blame went to the "liberal media" as expected, only really dumb people ever bought that.


Who did the dirty on Herm?


Newt was so far back in the pack at the time you didn't even think about him. But he has a lot more money and influence than the campaign discosures would indicate- he is a multi-millionaire beltway entrepreneyr with ties to a dozen or more "non profits", "think tanks" etc.


BTW, don't see the motive for the latest gal coming out about their affair other than somebody tracked her down and either had something on her or offered some inducement to do it.


BTW, I see that Newt got straight A's from the Ioway corn lobby. Yeah.



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Re: I'm thinking Newt got the Hermanator

I like the comment from a poster yesterday who said that the repubs who were for cain have shifted from a guy who had an affair to one who has had at least two affairs.  Good family values!!

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Re: I'm thinking Newt got the Hermanator

On the one hand, I wouldn't put it past Newt.  While he has some ideas that sound OK, I don't know how comfortable that he seems to think the end justifies the means, when it comes to what he wants.


On the other hand, the whole sexual harassment thing is commonplace in Chicago politics, none better at it than David Axlerod, who happens to live in the same building as Cain's first 'public' victim (who also has filed for bankrupcy twice, and has had acquaintances say she is a gold digger, who likes to live beyond her means). 

Do the reasearch, Obama won 3 of the 4 offices he ran for.  He lost once, and 2 of the 3 he won were in a place known for shady politics, and in both cases where he won, it was due to some 'leaked' dirt on his opponents.  While I have seen no evidence of any kind that Obama himself is 'dirty' ( I speculate he may be like Carter, personally a decent guy, but not surrounded by the best 'help'), and anyone who thinks that the Chicago Democrat machine isn't corrupt, doesn't have his eyes open.


To be fair, anone who thinks Newt is squeaky clean, doesn't have their eyes open, either.


It is sad, when something scandalous happens, and you really can't say where it came from, simply because there are too many possibilities.  Actually makes me glad I don't belong to either party. 

The hard choice for me, is to know who to go with once the primaries are decided.  Sad to say, but Nebraska is at best an afterthought in that respect.