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I'm with the Wisconsin Synod


of the Lutheran church on this one- being the good fundamental Lutherans they continue to maintain that the Pope is the anti-Christ.


I'm down for that other than the suspicion that Francis isn't the real Pope- he's just a PR guy to cover this stuff up. The real Pope was Antonin Scalia until Obama smuffocated him, and now the mantle has secretly passed to Lou Holtz.


Despite the fact that in every single locality, state and country where the authorities have found the courage to investigate the church the findings have been astonishingly similar, the Catholic League- as the voice of the reactionary Catholic movement in the US- is bound and determined to maintain that it is all a conspiracy against them.


Protect your Grandchildren as the SCOTUS is preparing to legalize child buggery.



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Re: I'm with the Wisconsin Synod

Why is it that the rightwingers nominate only Roman Catholics now, and the leftwingers only nominate Jews and Atheists?


The supreme court went from 100% protestant to 0%.......maybe 100% was too skewed to the average, but 0%?

Evangelicals and conservatives generally maintain

that child buggery is a recent phenomenon that didn't occur much before modernity intruded on that not-so-distant halcyon past when people were generally under the influence of the church and liberalism hadn't yet corrupted Eden.


Since we don't talk about this stuff a lot and most definitely didn't in earlier days, that's an easy case to make, but simply not true. Studies indicate reported abuse at similar levels among people who are now elderly and that is confirmed by the recent PA case that goes back 70 years.


The truth is that it has been a part of the human condition forever and has been abetted for millennia by institutional conditions that didn't take that into account.



Re: I'm with the Wisconsin Synod

Simply because opportunistic careerists had the Federalist Society path to a cushy and prestigious job, and big money was pushing things in that direction.


Christianity is facing the most existential crisis in 2000 years.


People from every perspective aren't at all wrong to be feeling cognitive dissonance going off like a fire alarm but we're all inclined to default to something that works into our preconceptions.


Including me, I'm sure.


But being a tiny minority in my own narrow view of my identity I'm at least fairly certain of not being very highly influenced by any large crowd.

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Re: I'm with the Wisconsin Synod

( the SCOTUS is preparing to legalize child buggery.)


That's a pretty sick made up statement - I guess NBN.


Now the SCOTUS did actually legalize child butchery with Roe vs. Wade.