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I need somebody to explain some of this concern. help me understand

Why are college kids crying and needing a few days off?

Why are so many leftist crying, actually sobbing and cursing, as well as protesting?


What do you people on the left think is going to happen that is so horrible?  Is it the fear that you will have to get a job?  That criminal activity will be prosecuted?  Your food stamps will continue, your housing will continue though maybe you'll lose your cable TV and Cell phone.  (those on welfare not all liberals) 


I don't get it at all, Mrs. Clinton stated she was going to raise the price of energy, she was going to inundate the country with people from a part of the world that doesn't know what democracy is and is anti-American, she was going to try every method to take weapons out of the hands of law abiding citizens, she was going to raise taxes and she very likely was going to start another war. 


Now those things should have had all those college kids crying, not Trump getting rid of their competition and lowering taxes so private industry would have jobs.

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Re: I need somebody to explain some of this concern. help me understand

Young journalist and former political candidate offers up a proper obituary:

Some may have been emotional over having had nowhere to turn to offset something they saw as unspeakable.

I attended a re-organizational meeting of our County DFL The old folks who had served as officers were wearing down. A large contingent of 18-30 yr olds showed up, almost as out of nowhere. It was soon discovered that they were there because of Bernie Sanders. He went on to win the Minnesota Caucus. I'm not on the central committee, as we were in the process of moving out of the county, so didn't attend any more meetings but have been told that after the national convention the first one of them never showed up again. A couple of them even having agreed to hold officer positions.

Their choice had been blocked by the professional Denocrat machine (See: Debbie Wasserman Schultz, Terry McCaullife, Bill Clinton, incoming Senate Dem Leader Shumer etc.). I have no idea if they wrote in Bernie, voted for Trump or stayed home but I have a hard time believing they voted for Hillary. Who got clobbered in our tiny SW MN county that Obama had previously carried.

I have no idea if the party can be reformed and revitalized. But a bunch of us geezers are headed soon for the boneyard and can't inspire anybody, much less do that sort of lifting.

Quipped to my wife that my hold your nose for Hillary Clinton kept my lifetime batting average of voting for losers in Presidential election up in the stratosphere. 9 for. 12....76, 08 and 12 the only times with the winner.
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Re: I need somebody to explain some of this concern. help me understand

I am definatly not in the know bruce but maybe that no yard signs was a clue.  Couldn't admit to your freinds what you were going to do.  Our county in extreme SW MN is usualy blue but went 2 to 1 red. I was some what surprised on how close all ofMN was.