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I's not surprising

Words do have meaning and the fanatics lap them up and get into trouble.


link to BBC


I would really love to be able to say when I heard about the attack on our cameraman Ron Skeans that I was surprised. Or shocked even. I wasn't.

Once I found out that he was OK, and that the rest of the team were OK, I thought this was a pretty unsurprising event. What is shocking is that my reaction should be like that - because surely it can never be right that a person going about doing their job, in a country which cherishes the First Amendment and the rights of a free press, is pushed to the ground. But it is an incident that's been coming for a long time.


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Re: I's not surprising

So, righties, are y’all really OK with this? Or are you going to your fallback position that the guy in the red hat was a leftist plant? That’s what you usually do.
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Re: I's not surprising

I would have said fallback fetal position.

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Re: I's not surprising

Not defending anyone, and there is no acceptable excuse for the apparent violence, yet the news stories should be quoting eyewitness accounts from someone who is not blind.  Just sayin.