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Veteran Advisor

I shouldn't say this

But, I'm only human

Report out tonight that trump had BILL CLINTONS IMPEACHMENT LAWYER at the white house
For a meeting.

Current white house lawyer considers his days

There are going to be heads spinning since anyone,
No less their attorney, even associated with
The Clinton's, are branded evil.

Here trump was going to throw them in the hole
To talking to the same lawyer

Does this give one an idea of what's on the
To think all the sour notes of the Clinton's, now
Trump is hiring the same people

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Senior Contributor

Re: I shouldn't say this

I don’t know how long he will last but his mouth and lack of self awareness that is more likely to be his undoing. Last night is proof of that.
Senior Contributor

Re: I shouldn't say this

Keep America Great!

Veteran Advisor

Re: I shouldn't say this

We're gonna try to