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Re: I think I am going to upchuck.

So do you guys feel better now that you've gotten a piece of propaganda out there and both been able to comfort one another regarding your tribal affinity?

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Re: I think I am going to upchuck.

kudo Packard,,,, well said...



It is what journalism has become, not just the internet,  everything gets spun, and it takes some careful questioning to know which 10% is based on truth.


two good examples.......... this one which reports the presentation of a merit badge... medal is probably the real word..


and the other being hacking........ Yes wikileaks disclosed stolen emails from "guess who" .........  the left spins it into a Russia story since they already have "stories" running  produced to support that one and anyone can find support for Russia skimming the net to verify.  

But I got new for ya,,,,, none of this is going to change the mood in the jewish community in the US.


It proves one thing we have known for a long time...... Entertainment is more profitable than news......


I saw the film clip of our medal award winner on capital hill yesterday......... Is he getting shorter.....

I keep seeing this clip in my mind of the final scene in the movie Big.  When the big tom hanks changes into the boy with big clothes and especially big shoes to fill.  

Another medal would be good......