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Esteemed Advisor

I think Marge stumbled close to something

since she doesn’t have a job and just spends her days doing hideous white trash theater to get attention and raise money.

She was railing about women* being included in the draft.

Good segue to a policy of drafting white Christian men into the military while simultaneously giving them generous stipends to father large broods of Aryan children.

*18 is a woman, not a girl. Unless you’re a GQP sex trafficking apologist. Then girls are “underage women.”

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Senior Advisor

Re: If women can't serve in the military, ....

... why should they be allowed to serve in Congress?

Esteemed Advisor

Re: If women can't serve in the military, ....

the military draft, and drafting males, is an interesting topic when we live in a day and age where one topical wedge issue in America is that of a birth mother being required to spend 9 months, not 2 years of her life, carrying a baby to term and not killing it.

Trade off comes to mind here?