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I think Pence has a future

even if it has probably worked out a little different than he'd planned.


If Old Republican sources are to be believed, he pushed the social conservative agenda in the second half of his term to try to burnish his national standing. That backfired as the increasingly dominant Indy Donut didn't care for it, even if it played well to his outstate base. The polls on his re-election bid weren't looking good.


So when you ran a list of people who had little to lose by being Trump's running mate he came to the top.


The GOP probably begins to swirl down the bowl in the event of a Trump victory- a compelling argument by some Trump supporters I know. But that doesn't look likely to happen and thus it is more likely to continue to exist as a functioning institution. And after the next four years- either way- who could possibly claim to know?


Even if he doesn't end up with much of a political future, he won't starve. There is always Wingnut Welfare- a gig at one of the Koch umbrella organizations or some such- to keep the house payments going and the 401K funded.



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Re: I think Pence has a future

Most sensible people, regardless how uneasy that Trump makes them feel, out of the 4 running for the nation`s top jobs, Mike Pence puts everyone at ease the most.


MIke Pence = Capt Chelsey Sullenberger

What may be a unfortunate result of a Trump/Pence victory is that the gig is up on the economy and they will be blamed for the inevitable.  On one level the globalist puppetmasters will more give Hillary an assist in keeping the pooch airbourne awhile longer.  But as some say, the taxpayers won`t be on the hook for the next bailout, it will be the individual 401Ks that will be tapped into "to each according to their needs" something which Hillary would have no problem with and once down that road can "land reform" be very far away?


Trump may find "10 righteous souls in Gomorrah" to make the country worth saving, however anything short of turning water into wine, an economic disaster is immienent.  A disaster I`d love to see history books record as a Democrat in the pilot-in-command seat when it occurs.


where Indiana probably really does matter

The little switcheroo that put Evan Bayh in as Senate nominee.


Polls show him leading and that is probably the key tipper to a 50+1 Dem Senate.


FWIW, I wouldn't vote for him or the other coward, retiring coward Dan Coats, if my life depended on it.


For some reason that quite obviously escapes me, the Bayh name is golden in Indiana politics. Still particularly strong in formerly D leaning S. IN, which has tended to lean more R in recent years.


Even Mudsockbob, as rock ribbed a Hamilton County republican as you'd find, was sort of fond of Birch and kind of seemed to accept his son's popularity as just sort of one of those Hoosier things.