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I think it goes this way.

Republincans :  Secure the border now !


Obama : Ok, need some $$ to do that



Republicans :   Why?  


Obama:  Because I've spent all the money you gave me so far to bring in the illegal aliens.


Republicans: Why should we give you more money to do exactly the opposite of what is good for America?


Obama:  Because it's good for the Democrats and if you don't I get to call you racists which is also good for the Democrats.


Republicans: Election time is coming, hopefully America will understand that you're not helping and Harry Reid is an obstructionist.


Obama: You're racists!  Ha, ha, ha.

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Re: I think it goes this way.

How did Obama spend tax payer money to bring in illegal aliens. plane fare? train fare? bus fare? Road tolls? bridge tolls. Explain yourself!

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Re: I think it goes this way.



Do you honestly think that ?  Or is it just fun to jump on the teabagger bitchin wagon ?


I won't be surprised if you really  think that, but I would be embarassed as an American.

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Re: I think it goes this way.

I'd kind of like to hear the answer to that myself. You need to remmeber that extreme exaggeration is the same as the truth to him.


FWIW, I believe the Republicans don't want to do anything because they want the problem to continue so it can be an election year issue (the latter mostly). Besides, the humanitarian issues sourrounding this do not affect the top 2%, banks or the stock market, so in their view, why worry about it when it could come in handy around election time?

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Re: I think it goes this way.

"extreme exaggeration is the same as the truth."


Isn't that the motto of the Democratic party?

gough whitlam
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Re: I think it goes this way.

COMMUNISTS??? Gard dam it. There everywhere now!
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Re: I think it goes this way.

I don't feel too whippy today, but I've
Been following some comments on
Here, and.I've gotten to the point
Where I'm going to tell all of you

I am so tired of hearing about the border,
you want to build walls etc...
Next, seawalls...
And oh yes we need to build a wall to stop
Those dreaded Canadian people.

My great grandpa hid under his mothers hoop skirt. Another in the family come in
A trunk...all from Europe.

The problem is, we need these people. They
Will do jobs that we Americans will no
Longer do. We extended the interstate needed many workers for several years....the
Wages, on a federal project...paid low wages.
The people from the south did the work
So we can go 70 MPH in our suvs.
these people honor their heritage and family,
We don't.
As for working and not paying benefits, hogwash.....remember it is an American breaking the law not taking out withholding.
We need an infusion of young people....the
more young workers the better we will
Be by supporting the Medicare system.

I'm not saying all are Angeles, but putting
up walls are somewhat silly.

One may question is this wall to keep people in or out.

Do they plan to build one like in China which
Can be seen from space.

As far as Washington. A friend of mine works
In the whole mess.

We don't have leaders but cry babies ....each
And everyone of them.....and both parties.

They will not work together.....they have
Fail to remember they need to work for
The country, but themselves.

They ALL are too busy hollering and pointing
Fingers to see the country is about to
Go off the clif.

They need to shut up realize there is a
Problem and work it out. We must have
something for both sides.

This yelling does nothing but hurt America.

Maybe we need just one party....the American party.
Senior Contributor

Re: I think it goes this way.

I don't recall it being their motto. I think it is a tool all politicians employ from time to time, however I also believe they use it carefully since it can always come back to bite them.

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Re: I think it goes this way.

In Belfast they've got two things.  BIank yeast that makes you smell like the runnies.  Like the young *flight* side of fight.  Hormones.  The school bus drops you off at the mall.  Anybody can ride. . . . . and Lactobacillus to rot the teeth out of your head.  ((Lactic acid is a retardant.  It is a solution to polution [US fool ethanol] which is an embarassment-and-a-half on my part.))


Secondly they have bed bugs.  Bed bugs get in your bag, poison rash up and down the legs and you've got the fever.


  • < What is it? > The midge. < What's a midge? > "and then they come out with the bushes."


See the French don't pronounce the 't' in midget.  This is funny in London.



London is funny -- no harm, no foul.  London treats you at least.



Well, I don't make the runnies ordinarily.  It's just basiclly blank wild_type_yeast.  Kids stuff.  I'd rather they sniff paper products and a cows ass, personally.  Blank doesn't set me free.  It cuts the bitter off the orange peels.



If I want to impress Valadimir Putin, I'm not going pull the runnies.

Senior Contributor

Re: I think it goes this way.

Speaking of impressions, nothing was more impressive to me than flying into Belfast.  Looking over the landscape so green, the livestock, the air.  Of course the pilot made a point to fly slower and lower over this patch of grass.


What's a fly-over-state?


The rest of the ecology looked like sh1t but the birds could talk at the airport.

So we can go 70 MPH in our suvs.

Roads in Pennsylvania were not well built. Roads South of my state are built better. Thicker and more solidly. We have a tenancy to go for tri-color macadam and the Italian. Expensive and the screen doesn't seem to ever come out quite right, but we make due. Rounding instead of railing is what kills us. Drive safely.


If you want it hard and forever, the smoothed white or dark river pebbles (thumb to the first knuckle) are very durable.  Not good for highways but slower high traffic areas you don't want repaved.