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I think the Cohen case

is now through the courts so no reason to be shy.

As a matter of public record, Individual #1 appears to have committed a felony (high crime) by conspiring to commit campaign  finance violations (to pay hush money to a porn star, which is immaterial but fun).

Way worse than lying to cover up an extramarital affair and quite a lot easier and simpler than when Ken Starr* went on a 5 year fishing expedition to find something, anything.

I keep repeating myself but still would be way more fun to watch the Senate acquit him on child sex trafficking charges and have Falwell Jr. and Franklin Graham testify as character witnesses.

*more recently head of the Epstein legal "dream team" and pimp for a string of Baptist girls at Baylor.



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Re: I think the Cohen case

I can see this is going to be a challenge keeping up with all your senseless posts. Have a doc appointment in a hour so I guess you are going to win this time.

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Re: I think the Cohen case

I hope he doesn't get a hernia trying to pull your head out of your ###.


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Re: I think the Cohen case

Must have drank a pot of coffee this morning. I see you are really pumped up with it.

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moderator alert....nox off his meds again

get some help, pal.


Re: moderator alert....nox off his meds again

If anyone should understand reasoning for changing handles here......

It seems that there is some obsession with any particular poster showing up with a new handle and attributing that to having been banished. I don’t recall there having been that in the case of this one.  I do know that there is the rather real threat of tracking and have always assumed that the changes have been made as a result of some evidence having been picked up of that.