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I turned off the radio today

I was listening to a "Christian" radio show. I listen
To this station once in a while and knew of the
Show. They usually are telling everyone this and
That and how they need to live their lives.

Well they went off the deep end

How trump was such a wonderful leader, how everything is fake news and a wonderful Christian.

I'm sorry, I'm no saint, but, that just isn't quite right.
First, how many times has he been married ?
Less than a month ago, this same show really tore
Up a caller who was married TWICE. Then, how
Many times has he taken out bankruptcy ?
Care to know what this show said about people taking out bankruptcy...just once.
Then, the. Tweets, and other things he had said,
And flat he runs everyone.....

What would (or does) Jesus say ??

Im sorry, all these key things over looked.

Blame was placed on everyone else.

I will no longer listen....they have sold this souls
I will pray for them, but not listen to them

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Senior Contributor

Re: I turned off the radio today

Elcheapo, every time you hear one of these so called evangelicals spewing political drivel, I can guarantee you they are not God's disciples. They are the money changers, he threw out of the temple!! This country, all of a sudden has lose it's "Christian" minds! By electing Trump, they sold their souls to the devil, and every single person who considers himself a "Christian", needs to get down on their prayer bones and ask forgiveness! My self, I don't think there are or will be prayers enough to erase the shame they have caused by electing this man.