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Just don't bring up Swedes

three couples,  one Norwegian, one Swedish, and one African American were all having babies in the same hospital back in the 1920's, before DNA testing etc, and in all the confusion, all three babies were born one after another, coincidentally all sons, and all ended up in the cleanup room, and no one labeled the babies.


The doctor thought about how to tell the fathers what had happened, and decided to just be truthful ,and then let the three fathers draw straws to determine which boy to choose as their offspring. The Norwegian, a lucky sort, got the luck of the draw, and went first.


Well, the Norski looked at one white baby, then the other, went back and forth for all of the allotted time and then some, and finally the exasperated doc told him he had to choose. Without anymore hesitation, the Norwegian pointed at the black baby and said that was his choice.


The good doctor almost keeled over with shock, and took the father aside, and said..."Look, Ole, you are white, your wife is white, and you chose the black baby......what in God's Green Earth are you possibly thinking!!??"


The Norwegian looked the doc in the eye and told him "Doc, I honestly cannot tell one white baby from the other, I have no clue which one is mine, and I will be damned if I am going to raise a Swede!"



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