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bruce MN

I’ve come to where I never watch

any cable news except for close around election time.  Haven’t much since the incomparable Dylan Rattigan retired from the trade.

But a person trips over something about it on-line now and then. This seems to make total sense:

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Re: I’ve come to where I never watch

Which, in regards to my assertions about a Potemkin economy, they would be an outlier if they aren't true.

In the "yeah, but whatabout......." category, it is true that everybody has spun economic numbers to some degree. But I'm pretty sure I've never seen a case where future significant downward revisions are almost assured.

I think the data has them scared ####less because rather than finally comin' around as 'Ol Art guarantees, they're going the wrong way.

I'm not predicting a recession, or at lest nothing bigger than the Obama '15-'16 mini-recession*. But that's still a problem.

*largely a function of the Fed beginning to raise rates and taper a bit- which caused (a way overshort) dollar to pop up. That rooted out the last remenant of the massive short dollar/long commodites carry trade of the 00s.