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I vow

to never again engage in discourse with any individual who tips to being an AGW denier.

There are several other attendant beliefs but it is the best universal marker for quickly identifying those whose brains have been eaten by The Blob.  Once afflicted, reasonable discourse becomes pointless.

Ground Zero for The Blob was numerous "think tanks" and other RW corporate cut outs, but RW media became the primary means of disseminating the epidemic. It was a professional job, funded by various cynical interests and executed by nihilistic operatives- a lot of them cut their teeth working for Big Tobacco.

Big Ag/Big Meat are now dues paying members. It didn't have to be that way but is now a done deal.

"Farmers"  have been mostly captured too. Like the 90s trade deals, they're important as "grass roots" cred.





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Re: I vow

Gunz absolutism also a very good marker but I chose AGW because it is a more important matter and people tend to be loud and proud about it. And aside from the very small gun industry tending to its own interests it is a pretty tiny lobby compared to the Greater Blob.

Racism also, although until recently a lot of racists were smart enough to know that even their dogwhistles weren't acceptable in polite company.

Still a lot harder to draw out consistently. Although showing up to a Trump "I Am Not a Racist" rally is a pretty good sign.


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Re: I vow


Bet you'll break the pledge in days.