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I was wrong

Hello everyone.  I was raised that the sign of a big man was he could qdmit he was wrong.

Well, I already knew I was a big man, bathroom scale keeps reminds me.

For a long time, I watched film footage of how people treated others terrible...some far away land, we were used to seeing dead bodies in streets....people starving..even one of a nude little girl standing in the street starving .

Yes, it upset me, but the anger went away.,..

But now I see the bodies, the bombing, etc in the ukrine....but now I am angry....I hate russians...yes I said it...I dont like to, but that is what is comming from my gut.

I am almost to the point that maybe tatical weapons would not be so bad to be used on the russian military....but then I consider, what I said.  

Where is the CIA when we need them.

Maybe a reward needs to be put on putins head....rember in the old west...."Dead or Alive"

Wonder how much could be raised 

On "Go fund me"






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if ever there was a time

remember the maine

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Re: I was wrong

They were in Ukraine training AZOV, funding bioweapons labs and rigging the Ukrainian elections which is why this started. 

But your gut.... 

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Re: I was wrong

Remember what a threat to world peace you claimed Trump was every time NK fired a missile? I'm sure you feel the same way when * says he wants regime change is russia.