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I wonder what is going on?

I noticed that everything on here got between 100 and 250 views from 9 pm and 5:00 this morning. That is very unusual. Someone or some internet bot is interested in this forum overnight. 


Mr Big must be keeping an eye on us "deplorables". 

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BA Deere
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Re: I wonder what is going on?

Hey Craig, could be the Kenites are doing a little recon to see who the Kool aide drinkers are and who they`re going to have to buy more shells for   🙂


But it could be with that big rain event AgJudge was talking about, alot of those vested in commodities were curious and some key search words brought them here.   Our ground has been saturated, silage chopping`s been impossible...heck of it is the corn is pert near getting too dry.  Out of the system I got 2 1/4"..terrible, rain ain`t gonna make grain from here on out.  There will be ruts.