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INCEL was at the heart

of the RW propaganda machine.

Tuck’s writer who resigned after it was revealed he posted alt right and misogynistic content under a pseudonym of Charles XII- the celebrate King of Sweden.

Sexual frustration definitely at the heart of a lot of this.

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Re: INCEL was at the heart

Been around forever.

A huge piece of redneck disdain for all of those those greasy hippies of the 60s and 70s was that they’s watch Mod Squad or some Surfer movie and come to the conclusion that those mangy losers were getting a corner on all of the choice tang.

Esteemed Advisor

Re: INCEL was at the heart

Bruce are you just being your normal obtuse self with that post, or are you trying to take a snide stab at your fellow nutjob based on his history of reporting his failed love life here?

Who needs Jerry Springer when we have you clowns, right?

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Re: INCEL was at the heart

And they weren't altogether wrong, either.

While young women are, arguably, maybe, a bit less nuts than young men, many were still highly suggestable to the influence of popular culture.

It was pretty tough for a guy to be real popular without good hair. Think Jimmy Carter, even.

You see a grotesque remnant of that in our POTUS.

As far as "putting away childish things" goes, around 25 I decided I just needed a plain haircut that fit under a cap and didn't make me more uncomfortable in the summer.