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Idaho mass killing

eerily remindful of Tate-LaBlanchia.

No guns in that one either. So it just became a novel, pop-culture steeped almost celebrated event.

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Re: Idaho mass killing

Richard Speck murder in Chicago.

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Re: Idaho mass killing

Great Britain:

"The number of knife-related incidents has been on the rise for years, increasing by more than 42% since 2011. Similarly, rape at knifepoint and threats to kill with blades are up 18% since last year."

"The U.K., most notably London, has experienced a sharp increase in knife-related crime, despite “knife control” efforts to curb the violence, newly released figures detail."

"The maximum penalty for an adult carrying a knife or weapon illegally is either 4 years in prison, an unlimited fine or both. You'll get a prison sentence if you're convicted of carrying a knife or weapon illegally more than once."

Why oh why won't criminals obey the law? Law abiding citizens have disarmed themselves, why won't the criminals? With over 6000 gun laws in the USA, restricting law abiding citizens you'd think there'd never be another gun related crime, surely we don't need any more. Is it possible that like “The poor you will always have with you” we should admit the criminals you will always have with you?

Re: Idaho mass killing

My post and nox’s response had absolutely nothing to do with the weapons used in the 3 atrocities that were brought up.

At 85 or so as you contend to be I suppose things can start to become a bit cloudy.

Hopefully you are still at home surrounded every day by people who care for you.

All in a days work

Mass shootings — where four or more people, not including the shooter, are injured or killed — have averaged more than one per day this year. Not a single week in 2022 has passed without at least four mass shootings.

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Re: All in a days work

Most being in dem run defund the police crap holes.

El Paso Co Colorado

Where the horrible gun hate crime killing 5 and wounding 25 last night in an essentially urban area that glows bright Red?

No irony that it hosts the mega Thumper stronghold the United States Air Force Academy and is home base to a number of Thumper radio personalities. Like Franklin TN, but only in a Blue State.

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Re: El Paso Co Colorado

Another known wolf who should have been in prison.

The 22-year-old shooter in the LGBTQ+ nightclub, Club Q had a criminal history and was charged with bomb threats, possession of weapons, and kidnapping only one year ago, at age 21. It seems like he should have been in prison. Instead, he was free to kill.

According to the June 18, 2021, press release from the El Paso County Sheriff’s Office, the reporting party “said her son was threatening to cause harm to her with a homemade bomb, multiple weapons and ammunition. The reporting party was not in the home at the time when she made the call and was not sure where her son was.”

He was booked into the El Paso County Jail on felony menacing and first-degree kidnapping charges.

Yet, he was still loose to kill people in Club Q. No formal charges were ever filed, and the case was sealed, so it’s not clear why, reported.

There is no clear motive yet.

Re: El Paso Co Colorado

Terribly unfortunate. Happens much too often.

Sneaking suspicion about how that could have easily happened, as it likely would have all over Red policy held America.

My suspicions could be wrong, of course…… We’ll have to see. My mind wanders back to Uvalde ……

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Re: El Paso Co Colorado

Bruce, do you have some form of autism? I have a hard time reading any of your posts. Well, the ones that you get gross and insult someone are usually clear, I guess.