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Re: If Democrats suddenly are concerned debt

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Yes, we can grow something else, yet the particulars of raising a different crop, and especially of marketing it might be quite different.  If the tariff situation is a short-term problem, then why would we make major changes?  If a different crop requires a different set of skills to produce, perhaps different equipment, and likely a different market (perhaps even a market that needs to be developed), then why would we make all these changes to confront a short-term problem with tariffs?  Most significant changes in crops will take a full production year to have any impact, some will take 4-5 or more full years to reach a marketable production level or have any impact.  Again, why would we undertake such drastic action to combat a short-term problem?


Plus, if farmers are rich like you say, then obviously we've been paying taxes also (income, real estate, personal property, sales, fuel, etc) -- maybe taxpayers in the rural areas don't like supporting the city streets/highways, inner-city poor, hospitals, etc.? -- maybe the city folks aren't paying farmers so much as the farmers are just getting some of their tax money back?


This tariff situation is not the same as all that -- our markets were significantly and specifically altered by the actions of our government and the Chinese government.  They did direct harm to our markets, directly impacting our prices, which we do not control.  As farmers, we are a casualty because of the markets we have worked/paid to develop to sell/export to the Chinese, sales upon which the Chinese have imposed tariffs.  As Americans, we are just as much a casualty as anyone else due to the tariffs imposed by our government on purchases/imports from the Chinese.  Farmers, therefore, are harmed on both sides of the equation.