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Re: If Democrats suddenly are concerned debt

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Already explained -- if the Chinese retaliatory tariffs effectively knocked $x off the farmer's bean price, and he gets reimbursed for that from US government, the farmer is still paying taxes on that income he would have otherwise had, AND the farmer as a consumer is also paying extra for a washing machine, or anything else from China due to US tariffs, just like the guy in town.  Just because someone is a farmer does not also mean they are not also a consumer, just like everyone else.  And, I also have a low-paying job, so what's your point.  That typical guy in town doesn't need to invest hundreds of thousands in capital to do his job, drives vehicles newer than mine, has a 401K, probably has employer-provided or sponsored health insurance, rents an apartment or house, has 3 kids, and often pays no real estate taxes, which are used to support our roads, bridges, schools, libraries, hospital, etc., so who is the socialist?  And, even if he does own his house in town, and pays real estate taxes, most farmers also own their houses and pay real estate taxes on that asset at same rate per value as guy in town, in addition to the real estate taxes paid on farm land.