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If I had to guess ...

.. I would say the Paul Pelosi attack isn`t much more complicated that it appears, left out details notwithstanding .   So far there hasn`t been claims of "MAGA forever!!!" statements from the assailant, only that the assailant would "ask Nancy questions, if she lies, he will break her kneecaps" .  What are those questions, is the smoking gun as to the assailant`s pedigree? 

I think if it was "MAGA forever!!!" type statements, that would be too juicy for Pelosi to leave out, he would put that in his police statement without hesitation with pleasure.  However, if the assailant is a extreme leftist, not happy with Pelosi`s slow walk to the extreme left, he may be more angry with her than the most extreme MAGA  J6`er.  One of the questions for Nancy could be an accusation that she is in cahoots with Kevin McCarthy.

When Nancy got back her speakership, her and AOC and "the squad" were in am intense battle for the direction of the Democrat party.  If you`ll recall.  


Pelosi was famous for having what POLITICO once described as “an iron fist in a Gucci glove.” There was no better example of that than her dealings with the Squad, the quartet of progressive women elected in 2018. She hadn’t survived as the top Democrat in the House for nearly two decades by ignoring challenges or challengers. Instead, she applied the lessons she had learned to win them over, or at least keep them at bay.

The relationship between the speaker and AOC, her party’s most charismatic newcomer, is complicated. Colleagues and congressional aides said Pelosi saw the New York congresswoman as a talented person but one who was often naïve about how the institution worked and unrealistic about what could be achieved, and how. She feared the Squad’s demands would imperil hard-won Democratic control — the slim majority that had put Democrats in a position to change the country’s course, but not to win every battle