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If Keith can cheat, why can't Omar?

being muslim means you can have up to four wives...why can't their women have four husbands?

Maybe Omar survives this scandal with the married man. 

Since when is being a homewrecker a disqualifier for democratic office holders?


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Re: If Keith can cheat, why can't Omar?

She's just lucky she doesn't live in a muslim country where adulterers are stoned.

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Re: If Keith can cheat, why can't Omar?

I imagine that makes her a hero in those circles.  They wish to see the existing social order destroyed, one marriage down, YAY.

I was reading an opinion piece the other day that was parading Miley Cyrus as a role model, because she broke with her husband and was spending her time with girls.   Heterosexuality is a weapon of the patriarchy it said.  My teen daughter told me her husband dumped her because he wanted to raise a family and she wanted to be a drug addicted party girl.  

There was a time when society saw a man and a woman, monogamously, raising a family as the ideal situation.   Progressives see that as oppression.


Omar goes for a diversion

say what you want about Omar...she is smooth at politics.

Of course, it could be the jealous wife out to get her, or her own jealous husband if he still even cares.

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Re: Omar goes for a diversion

Might be her imam. She will give other muslims women the idea they can do the same thing.