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Senior Advisor

If economic growth continues to slow a bit

as it may, and I think recession is not likely in the near future,

I think House Dems can reasonably take a stand against a Dennison payroll tax cut.

It would be a tiny bit clever since He can then point to the Dems as an additional reason why his economic policies aren't delivering (along with the Fed, MSM etc.) and how they're not on the side of the working man and woman.

This site serves as Exhibit One that anybody can believe anything they'd like to about economics. But there's a very reasonable stance to be taken that extreme, budget busting measures should be held in reserve for extreme circumstances. That might include extreme preemptive rate cuts and I do think that a D POTUS should relieve Powell for failure to protect Fed independence. Maybe Yellen is still available?

BTW, you read it here first. Any such proposal would also include a capital gains tax cut (by definition, primarily for the wealthy). And that would be permanent, while the payroll tax cut would not. 

All depends on what other urgent issues are driving folks, I guess.