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Senior Advisor

If the GQP actually ever negotiated in good faith

meeting them a bit further back on the minimum wage might be OK- say $13.50 for the final destination in 5 years.

And the thing about denying it to any "illegals," which is sort of a sham because illegals aren't guaranteed anything anyway.

But if 8 million undocumented are brought into the fold under an official status, then, yes, a key would be to then do everything reasonable to deny employment to others.

After a 1 year grace period to get adjusted, really hammer employers who get caught.

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Veteran Advisor

Re: If the GQP actually ever negotiated in good faith

If employers wouldn’t hire the illegals, or look at the “fake” paperwork, and go, “They looked OK to me!”, we wouldn’t have the issue with illegals like we do.   Make the employers step to the plate.....the fault lies more with them, than those trying to scam the system.   

Republicans love to make sure paperwork is all “correct” to vote - not so much, when it comes to hiring cheap labor.