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Re: If the minimum wage was lowered to $3.50 per hour

By the way, cityslicker and weedman are one in the same. Two different computers and I couldn't get logged in on the one so I had to create cityslicker. Just want to have full disclosure. Just for informations sake, the soybean appear to be very good in SW Ia. Audubon and Cass Counties. It sure woud be good if it didn't rain. The sidehills are pretty greasy. At least cutting beans is easier than corn. 

Re: If the minimum wage was lowered to $3.50 per hour

Exactly..... I am glad that I have cut WAY back on the hay acres. The horse folks are nickle and dimeing hay growers to death. They are demanding "cut-throat " prices now, and will whine later when the hay fields get plowed up.

Re: If the minimum wage was lowered to $3.50 per hour

Re: Poverty Prices

Those prices are below the cost of production, if, you are calculating the grower is making minimum wage per hour.

If newspaper delivery boys and girls need to be paid over ten bucks per hour, then hay growers must be paid at least as well. 😒
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Re: If the minimum wage was lowered to $3.50 per hour

He does!

man of steel
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Re: Poverty Prices

Oh boy! He found a website. Now he knows.


As I said, "IgnoRant"!!!

Re: Poverty Prices

Generally have found that to be superior to tne "just know"/"everybody knows"/"common knowledge" ethic that drives the conservatives here at this site.


 It's like a rolling audition for positions on Steve King's staff.

Red Steele
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thanks Boris (Bruce)

Some of your exchanges are just plain priceless, like a toddler trying to find his first words.


Something tells me that you never put up much hay in your life, and if you ever dealth with hay it was as a horse buyer and not as a seller.


Anyone that puts up with "horse people" is halfway on the path to sainthood.

Re: thanks Boris (Bruce)


I sold hay to horse owners for Three and a Half decades...... Saint Craig I....sounds good to me. 😉 😄

Re: thanks Boris (Bruce)

Ddn't do much other THAN put up hay besides go to school for a good chunk of the first third of my life.


Have never owned a horse.


There is just so very much that you "just know".