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If they can't do it, maybe we can

well, I'm getting tried about talking about agriculture and marketing.....agriculture is becoming a mess, things getting worse all the time,

the little guy pushed out, elevators shut down, wide basis, high imput costs.......I think we all know the picture....

and is becoming a joke......fundamentals no longer apply as they used to, its just when they get really out of wack, someone

notices....when crop conditions keep dropping, or we have good export sales, or a drought......the "market" shrugs it off......i'm sorry it's

no longer a market..........


so onto something just as bad......Washington.........and an issue that is important to each and every one of are

in good health, and if they got sick they would have to look in the phonebook to find the clinic or hospital.........then on the other extreme,

we have our own reserved parking place at the clinic or hospital, and we get Christmas cards every year from the clinic, hospital and

pharmacy !

(not really, they send you a post card when the open house is)


ok.......we know the 7 different versions of the repeal of ACA has failed......some now are blaming McCain......but hey, he's only 1 man

and 1 vote, and they lost by more than 1 vote.

so we are "stuck" with ACA.........

to me, the amazing thing about ACA, you can amend it, rather than kill it all.  I think many would agree there could be a couple of good

things about ACA.......why can't you just amend it to fix the problems.......note i'm not going to call it my knowage that

is not the ACA name.........


well first....maybe we need to put this song on long play on the senate and house pa system, and lock the doors and not let them

out for a couple of hours.........might be an interesting experiment


so, what would you like to see changed in the ACA ??   what do you like, what don't you like ?  have any fresh ideas ?

hey, at least we can talk about it.......congress can't even do that !!!



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Re: If they can't do it, maybe we can

All they have to do is to wait for McCain to kick the bucket, and run the vote again. 

bruce MN

Re: If they can't do it, maybe we can

Probably not.  The Governor of Arizona, who encouraged Sen. McCain's vote, appoints his successor in the event of his demise or inability to serve.

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Re: If they can't do it, maybe we can

A little testy this morning, are we Millie?  Maybe you're just getting tired of so much winning....


Tick Tock....BONGx8!!!!!!!!



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Re: If they can't do it, maybe we can

Heck, Jen, he's always been all hat and no cows! At the first sign that his desired revolution is about to start, he will run to his hidey hole and wouldn't be seen until it was over!!