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Veteran Advisor

If trump says it...its gotta be true !

Well I got a good laugh today....

All those on here...having proof,

Evidence and how its a democtatic

Move to somther

Wear masks......


Guess trump says

Wearing a mask is patriotic .


I think I hear air leaking......


Must be all those people inflated

Over how bad masks are...are shrinking away.......kind of like

A ballon with a slow leak....


But hey, if it helps slow down spread and save lives....good deal.


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Senior Contributor

Re: If trump says it...its gotta be true !

(Guess trump says Wearing a mask is patriotic.)

Yea, a little surprised that not one democrat thought of saying or could bring themselves to say "wearing a mask is patriotic" in the past few months - opportunity lost.  Good job again Trump.