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Senior Contributor

Re: we are free agents in GODS plan

@lpman wrote:

and you m,ight be careful blasphemy is one sin you dont get around--now as to GODS power --get all the brains in the world andf let them create 1 grain of corn --or 1 grain of sand ---maybe 1 drop of water --now lets debate

Blasphemy is a word invented by religion. It is not used in any other context.  So if you are not religious it is not a "SIN" to mock anything, least of all god.  How do you interpret, "not getting around it"?  Tell me - will I go to hell if I call god an arogant, pius sanctamonous pr-ck?  Your filthy little bible story also says he never had a job, was having a bit of slap and tickle with Mary M on the side and bludged on all of those mates of his and the taxpayer.   Do you think blasphemed?

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Re: yep you are getting warmer

aint this fun --now ONCE AGAIN how does and athesist know right from wrong

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Re: Come on!

That is exactly what I thought you would say.  You like all the other god junkies run out of answers and then threaten me with the eternal fires of hell.  What a sorry little soul you are.  Furthermore, what makes you think you will get immediate entry?  Do you have a life pass?  It is you who will be disapointed when you wake up dead and staring at the ceiling of a coffin.  I will not wake up.