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Senior Advisor

Re: If you guys can win back the House

The dems have to get rid of Barr because they can't have him investigating the FISA abuses.

Re: If you guys can win back the House

Envisioning the OctoberSuprise scenario that could play out if Dennison were finding himself going head to head with The Honorable Sr. Senator from Minnesota.

Pardons a man with a lifers tan ever who passed on a plea bargain and never mounted a serious appeal effort. 

Red (no pun intended) has been watching too much ShWshank Redemption. And, of course, has roundly supported the Roy Moore’s and Joe Apriaio’s of the world who have made a lifetime out  of  “throwing away the keys”. 


Esteemed Advisor

Re: If you guys can win back the House

I'll submit that I'm deeply steeped in all of the Clinton Conspiracy stuff- might know the entire genre as well as Q.

I feel a little guilty about that, given that in retrospect all of that has been no small contributor to the general nihilism of the present age.

But my ultimate conclusion is that The Clintons are somewhere between a quarter and half as bad as the biggest conspiracy theorist would contend- which is pretty darn bad.

Nevertheless, at this point Whatabout Hillary doesn't hunt except for people who are already goners.


Senior Contributor

Re: If you guys can win back the House

@KNAPPer wrote:

The real issue here is complete erosion of our constitutional system of government. Here we have the Justice Department being a lap dog for the Executive. If Trump were a real man, he would just pardon Stone and take the rap for it, but no, he can't face the criticism, so he is getting Barr to do his will. ( I suppose Trump will pardon him later because it will be for a paltry crime/sentence)

Why can't people see how horribly wrong it is for a presidential tweet, or remark, to literally overthrow our system of government?

It was ok for the Black guy to use social media though?