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If you happen to be an elliott waver

we're set up for a near perfect count for the end of the entire near century long bull market- actually a larger degree supercycle that goes back to the 1700s but that's getting a little too esoteric.


All we need is either a pop to new highs in the next few months of a more labored "ending diagonal" which I favor but they don't ask me.


Makes perfect sense to me. Bannon is right that we're at the great turning, I just think he's hallucinating if he thinks he can control it. 


At The Turning (mixing metaphors between Gen theory and EW), people just get tired of kicking the can and want to fight, which is exactly what we see now. Problem is that nothing is near as easy a fix as they think (bingo yesterday) and before it is over  the forces that they unleash will have almost all- even the most fervent- desperate for some of that good old boring and frustrating can kicking.

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Re: If you happen to be an elliott waver

BTW, about Bannon and the Fourth Turning


The next Great Generation (the millennials) already tipped their hands as far as their nature goes- it is toward more social cohesion and collective action as was the case of the last one- the GIs.


Bannon and his billionaire "libertarian" backers want to short circuit that and seem to have come to some compromise whereby they destroy the government in favor of a corporate state and he gets some bizarre medieval Catholic feudal system.




worth what you're paying, is that the supercycle market top and the kick-off to the final stages of the Fourth Turning roughly coincide with the end of the Trump presidency.


May-June would be perfect timing wise but who knows. Reason could be treason, financial crimes or child molestation for all I know.


That would quickly usher in a social mood way worse than Watergate/VN days and a rudderless GOP majority with nothing to do but provoke mayhem.



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Re: If you happen to be an elliott waver

I with you on the 4th turning, prolly not for reasons you suggest. Unsustainable medical costs and debt will be the catalyst. And the Deep States and establishments refusal to let Trump do anything bout it.
Time to reduce debt , and cash out the IRA
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Re: my SWAG

If I was on the rack, shot full of sodium pentothal,  I was surprised there were still enough decent, though desperate people left in the country to get Trump elected albeit as Libs point out 3 million short of the popular vote.  Powerful evil powers that be, want globalism, it`s only a matter of time before a cock & bull concocted "scandal" will take him down.  Which will so spook the markets 401Ks down 75%, those working 3 jobs to make a living will be cut to 1 or 2 jobs, thus having 1/3rd the income they barely have now.


President Trump will be impeached and blamed, but a "savior" will appear, if you`re a religious man you may very well see him as the anti-Christ.  But the savior will be a benevolent socialist that has all the "answers" and very popular some what of a cross between David Blaine, FDR and Obama.  Whatever amount of the wall that is built on the border will be ceremoniously broken down as a symbol of the New World Order of openness and inclusiveness and liberals and soft-headed conservatives will really get off on it all.

Re: my SWAG

The Folk already embraced the sociopathic, compulsive lyin', serial cheater sex offender as their Messiah. 


About all that needs to be said about 'em.