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Senior Advisor

If you sign it they will come

How the President of the United States of America threw the border open for all to cross. This was 100% totally intentional.




So this is what the promise of amnesty looks like.


“Death trains” rumbling through Mexico teeming with children, headed for the U.S. border. Teenage girls raped. Unspeakable violence at the hands of ruthless coyotes, carrying out President Obama’s stunningly reckless new foreign policy.

Of course, Mr. Obama did not issue a formal edict inviting each of the tens of thousands of children pouring over the border from Mexico. He didn’t have to. His executive action legalizing underage illegals in the U.S. was all the invitation they needed. And come they did.

At this hot pace, we will have more than a quarter-million orphaned children on the border by the end of next year — each and every one the sole responsibility of Mr. Obama.

Actions have consequences, Mr. President. And executive actions have executive consequences. You are personally responsible for the harrowing condition of every one of these children. You are personally responsible for ripping apart every single one of these families.

Mr. Obama and congressional Democrats have pursued amnesty for illegals hoping for millions of indentured voters — poor new Americans they believe will feel obligated to vote for Democrats for decades to come. Yes, a sick political gambit.

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Milligan Hay - Iowa d:^)
Veteran Advisor

Re: If you sign it they will come

Adopt them out to Protestant Republican homes. That will stop it in short order. 😉
bruce MN

Re: If you sign it they will come

The reason that most of them came is because they already have family here. Probably aren't eligible fo adoption.

Red Steele
Veteran Advisor

my thoughts exactly

was talking to Mrs. Steele about looking into adopting a border child and raising him/her as a staunch republican.


The beauty of that is if the kid turns out good, you bust your buttons, and claim good parenting, and if not, you just blame the genetics.


I guess she wants to keep the same genetics, but it was worth a shot.


Seriously, I know of several childless couples just in my immediate area trying to adopt, and some that have went to South America for children, and paid upwards of $20,000 to $40,000 in fees and travel.


Could be a huge win/win for both the child and the prospective parents.

Veteran Advisor

Re: If you sign it they will come

You guys will believe anything if it paints Obama in a bad light.