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If you've had any doubts about Fox news sanity

This should fortify any fears you may have had! These people are not sane!

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Re: If you've had any doubts about Fox news sanity


There should be a test that if one is an ardent fox viewer, it is a good indication that it is time for the home.

gough whitlam
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Re: If you've had any doubts about Fox news sanity

I have been aware of that for some time but never been capable of putting it so succinctly.
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Re: If you've had any doubts about Fox news sanity

I saw part of what I think would be the Beyonce video mentioned in that article.   It was so awful I switched the channel.  
Basically, it was a woman, about as scantily clad as could get past the censors, singing about how great it was to have sex in limos.

Not that I am defending O'rielly, but the artilce makes it sound like O'rielly is a big meanine, picking on an innocent little singer.  I don't think I even have to go on about Mylie Cyrus, or Linsdsay Lohan.   From the article, I read that many on Fox think that these three mentioned (along with others) are bad role models for kids, and could lead to some kids doing bad things.

I really can't say I disagree.

How do you defend someone glorifying sex in songs marketed to kids?
How do you defend music videos where you are naked, and licking a hammer?

Yes, they have the freedom to make drivel like that, but that doesn't mean they can't be called out for it.

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Re: If you've had any doubts about Fox news sanity

I think o'reilly could come up with much bigger and better things to worry about! Also, the comments coming from fox personalities lately would make me think twice or three times about believing a word they say.

Re: If you've had any doubts about Fox news sanity

the destruction of morals in society is pretty big isn't it?

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Re: If you've had any doubts about Fox news sanity

I thought you'd be happy they weren't harping on Obama, LOL  Smiley Very Happy


Maybe it was a slow day, and they didn't have anything to hammer Obma on, LOL

On the other hand, they are talking about the possible corruption of our children.   As someone with small children, I would like to know where the bad influences are, so I can avoid them.

I tried to get the Beyonce video on Youtube, but they actually have the video part censored out, all you can hear is the audio.   That should tell you something.

is a link to Cyrus' 'Wrecking Ball', watch it, and tell me if she seems like someone you want young gilrs to emulate.  Keep in mind, this is Youtube friendly.  She has done onstage antics, where she simulates sex, with teddy bears, etc.  

Re: If you've had any doubts about Fox news sanity

I've been thinking about this for a day or so.


First, not really surprising given that the republican propaganda apparatus has clearly chosen to bank on the short term expediency of charging up an identity base that is in demographic decline at the cost of alienating everybody else.


But while adherents might dream of mass deportation or disenfranchisement of the other, this is one where they're 100% guaranteed to lose, in time.


Thinking about the generational dynamic involved. Given the cited number of a median age of 68 for Fox viewers, that means that half aren't Boomers or younger, they're primarily Silents with a smattering of the GI remnant.


The Boomers are the largest and most culturally influential generation of this cycle and thus attract resentments from the adjacent generations.  Thus they're the ones who stand to lose a generational conflict when it all comes to a head.


A lot of that is cast, anyway, from the parlous state of retirement finances of most to almost certain future conflict over distribution of finite public resources, which are probably going to be even more finite at some points in the future.


BTW, just a thought but as the boomer generation exits you're really going to see a Piketty style generational event. The conditions or relative equality of the 50s will have long since passed through the system and there will be an ever sharper divide beteen the relatively small minority who have parents with assets sufficient to sustain themselves and still pass some on and those with nothing and in many cases the burden of providing some support.


Neither logic or (your or my) definition of what is fair don't necessarily matter in politics but that probably argues for means testing of old age entitlements gaining traction.  And perhaps a greater acceptance of some for of redistribution. Sorry.


I'd also speculate that life expectancy for Boomers, particualrly the back half, will probably fall below previous generations as a siginificant number end up dying the old fashioned way- without the hugely expensive last 6 months to couple of years of medicine and care.  The mutual sense of obligation to aging parents has been broken. Many won't want to "be a burden" given the luxury that a couple of previous generations had to not be and I'm sure that in some cases the youngers won't feel the obligation- with a sense of generational grievence in the background.


The good news, I guess, is what Strauss and Howe predicted in 1991. That history suggests that the Boomers will take it relatively well, preferring a sense of their own moral authority to the end.

Re: If you've had any doubts about Fox news sanity

Also, as far as "no brainer" investment themes go, one story has been about the demographic inevitability of huge demand for retirement homes, nursing homes etc.


I wouldn't bet on it and I think that sector is already getting overbuilt.


Some of those buildings might be nicely repurposed into day cares etc.