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Illegal Mexicans in, People with Money...Out

a liberal communist dream...a conservative patriot nightmare.


Record number of expatriates renouncing US citizenship. Bruce gets his wish of having the screen door hit those taxpayers, that are not "real Americans" like the 11 million illegal Mexicans, in the rump.


As usual, the comments are the best part.


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Deja vu...

.....this plot is all too familiar.   Oh yeah, Atlas Shrugged, the grownups are "going Galt".

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Re: Illegal Mexicans in, People with Money...Out

That is how you get a "Dee-troyt"

From the Liberal Lexicon......
Capitalism: The most loathsome sociopolitical monetary philosophy in all human history. Capitalism allows the clever and sneaky among us to exploit the valuable labor of the poor and become undeservedly wealthy through a process specifically designed to keep the People grubbing around in literal Serfdom while the Economic Royalty prospers. Created by White Supremacist European Patriarchs, Capitalism (and the vile worm in its heart, Logical Positivism) is the slave owner's dream come true: Billions of laborers working day and night to fill the coffers of a few shifty, underhanded bastards at the top of the social ladder.

Everyone knows that the natural resources of the planet are owned in common by the all People of the World. One person can't take a Profit without depriving someone else of their fair share. Capitalism distributes property and funds in an unjust, unfair manner, leaving destitution and starvation in its wake.

However distasteful it seems to the Leftist mentality, Capitalism is politically entrenched (if only for the moment) in all our lives. The goal of Liberalism must shift (temporarily) from the utter destruction of Free Enterprise to the "New Democrat" strategy of using the means of Capitalism to accomplish the goals of Socialism. This is the origin of Third Way Parliamentary Redistributionism. C

Equality: Sameness. Sameness of income regardless of position in a company; Sameness of neighborhoods, each with the right proportional balance of race, gender and sexual preference groups; Sameness of value, each person no better or worse than any other, each equally precious; Sameness of wealth, everyone well off but no one richer than anyone else; Sameness of politics, everyone a Politically Corrected Third Way Multi-Plural Sociologist Liberal, every other point of view a crime. Sameness as defined by the Left is the model for a perfect Global Liberal Utopian Citizen, proud of the fact that he's no better than anyone else. If he's below this standard, he's a Victim and must be helped. If he's above this standard, he's an Oppressor and must be made poor, brought down to the level of his Victims. If he refuses to comply with his own disenfrenchisement, he must be demonized and then utterly destroyed. C

Fairness: The underlying goal of Activist Government. The deliberate pursuit of Government defined, Government mandated, and Government enforced Sameness (Equality). Because the Constitution insists that people are created equal, it becomes the duty of the Sociologist Activist Government to make certain that their lives are equal, that they achieve equally. "Inequity equals Iniquity," and if people achieve unequal results in their pursuits of life, it's because social crimes are being committed, crimes which have to be corrected through the pursuit of Fairness. Underachievers and Overachievers must be equalized, the Poor must be made Rich, we must pretend that the stupid are smart. It's not enough to be created equal, we must obtain equal results from life. It's only fair. C
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Re: Illegal Mexicans in, People with Money...Out

First of all, the crackdown was started in 2001 and is still in effect. Second, the lady with a US tax bill of only $250/yr who says it cost her $40,000 to prove it--First of all I don't think that is the truth and if it is, her bitch is with the lawyers and accountants who stuck her with the bill and not the US govt. They decided to live outside the US for whatever reason--most likely because it is cheaper usually. But they desired to live on the beach in some tropical paradise, good for them. They want all that this country offers but none of the responsibility. I'm sure most, if possible, would do something to earn a little money in their NEW country and if our law says they should pay tax on it, then they should. OR lobby to get the law changed. They are lucky their new country doesn't tax their American income. Of course, now that they have renounced their US citizenship, no more SS, Medicare or any other govt bennies. Hope their stocks and bonds work out for them.