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Senior Contributor

Illinois leads the way

To disaster.

A bill traveling though currently will make life in ill-inois unbearable.


The Illinois Future Energy Jobs Act spent $750,000,000 to create 1,500 jobs and they (D) Ann Williams says that's a success.  That's the crux of Illinois problems. 

They have people in power that have no economic sense.  $500,000.00 per job will never repay the citizens of Illinois and it would have been cheaper to keep them on welfare.  A closer look at the jobs these 1,500 people got is in order along with a follow up of how long they kept any jobs.


You can read the entire critique here


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Veteran Advisor

Re: Illinois leads the way

Didn't read link, but heck yes, give me a million bucks and I would create 2 jobs in a heartbeat.

Senior Contributor

Re: Illinois leads the way

Illinois has promised more in retirement etc than it can afford.

Senior Contributor

Re: Illinois leads the way

Illinois promises way more in everything than it can deliver.