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Im tired of it

All of this is getting to me.

Cant go in the stores to

Shop...have to call in and

Have it at the

Way to compair...and funny

The highest price item is brought

Out...already charged to your store...prices have

Skyrocketed eggs almost $3.oo

A brand not stocked

Anymore, just brand names, which

Is much more.

Then the seems their

True identy is comming out.

We have a number of republicans

Here....and worship trump.

If you are a democrat you are

A horrible person..,just due to

Party afficiation...

They are having a fit over the

Gov....a democrat...and a women.

She was one of the first to shut down schools....not because she

Could, but due to medical advice...

They had a fit 

Later, a stay at home order...

Which the religion part overturned.

But funny...some counties did

It, yet the republicans didnt

Work to overturn.

A fellow was talking today

The reason why they are mad,

Because one single person should

Have that much power...but i

Ask if it was wise to have the rule,

They said YES.

Trump did such things...but it is

Ok...other, republican gov did

It, thats ok.

People just dont understand

Or give a county over

Cases going up..

The contacts dont explain the

Infection...we now have a kid

Under 1 year is determined

The cases are community aquired.

This is when you need to have

Strict orders, but the republicans

Played could anyone

Be aginst measure to stop the

Spread of this.......

Im sorry, but it is stupid....

And they are stupid....

Some of the locals said he has

To be she is going

After peoples guns....

Its just insane.....

And I am getting tired of it

Is there something wrong with

These people....yes.





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Re: Im tired of it

(All of this is getting to me.     Cant go in the stores to     Shop...have to call in and     Have it at the     Way to compair...and funny     The highest price item is brought     Out...already charged to your store...prices have     Skyrocketed eggs almost $3.oo     A brand not stocked     Anymore, just brand names, which     Is much more.)

I think you are just dreaming with most of what you said in your post, but who knows you are a constant whiner and have been well before coronavirus.  There are a lot of folks out there that are out of work and concerned just how to get their family that next meal and you're complaining that they delivered the wrong brand to your car trunk.

I hope we all can take the opportunity to donate to your local food bank / pantry or if you know someone that may be struggling financially, mail them some cash if you can afford it, anonymously if you prefer.  Our area food bank has had a big increase in request from folks and a lot of people they have never seen before and we have also seen a large increase in monetary donations.  We can all do without a lot of the niceties in life, we cannot live without food and water, and as someone that has never been without food or worried about how to pay for my next meal, I cannot imagine how stressful that would be.


Senior Advisor

Re: Im tired of it

Do you not realize that if you want to call in and get curb side service for your needs some one in the community must first stock the selves. And as these people in the community stock the selves there is a chance that they will spread the virus....even to a one year old kid.

Veteran Advisor

Re: Im tired of it

Ed you are correct on the increased need.

But here locally, I am becomming

Angry with the foodbank...

It is only 2 trips a year.

I have long argued we need something for chronic needs.

Those seniors on limited income,

Those on disability..and single

Moms and dads that have a 

Number of kids....they need

A little can be done

Very economical....but im fought

Tooth and nail....a number of 

Pastors have told me i need to

Start a food pantry !!!

That has been eating on me,

But the farm economy is not

That good, and im not the man

I used to be.

30....when you community aquired

Cv19 it is even more important

To maintain the isolation...therefore overturning

An order to ban more than 10

At a service is needed.

Ironic...the day they pulled this

Political stunt, my friend who

Died of cv19, had his funeral...

It was broadcast over facebook.

The family understood....didnt

Say they liked it....but understood.

They saw how it took their loved

One, and didnt want to risk the

Chance that someone else to

Become infected and suffer.

Yet, the low life republicans

Cant understand...and voted

To overturn ...not because

Of medical or science.....but

Because one person should not

Have that much went

Right along party lines. of their arguments was

That it interfered with freedom

Of religion...i visited with several

Of the clergy....and they laughed.

You can worship anywhere...

Most churchs are live streaming..

The catholics....which are strong

Belivers in attending mass, the

Regional church is pausing that

Untill the danger is over.

So tell me, if the churchs are

Not up and arms about it.....

Why are the republicans in


Who cares if we spread more....

I havent got the numbers yet

But I expect us to be closing in

On 1300.

In Ky this sunday...the

Law will be recording tag numbers of vehicles at the

Church services....and they will

Be given to health department...

Which the churchs would be

In violation, and everyone would

Be required to isolate for 14 days.

I hate politics any more...its

To person, not the party......but

The partys dont want that...

Because it takes away their

Power....does it matter what good

For the country, state or people...

No, whats good for the party.

One is no better than the other.

And our partys are such a mess

Internally....look at the highest

Office in the land....and look

Who they bring forward....neither

One worth a dam.


Honored Advisor

Re: Im tired of it

Some say that we`ve shaken our last hand. ..forever.  Attending church, license plate numbers taken down and given to the "proper authorities"  no more going to funerals (ok with me, I don`t like funerals).

I was at a farmer`s place yesterday and we both started to reach to shake hands..I didn`t  want it to be awkward  like going in for a kiss at the end of a first date so I said "I guess we aren`t supposed to shake hands these days" .  he was in his mid 60s and smiled and said "Yeah it`s tough, I come from a family of huggers".  He went on to tell of a new farm he rented and the owner came over with the lease and they both shook hands afterwards and then realized that engrained rural custom of trust is now a taboo. 

So, what is worse someone that is unhygienic or those that are healthy, clean attending church or funeral?   I would say if there are a small number of Covid cases in your county and everyone behaves decently, there would be nothing wrong going to church.  Are we to the point if someone is observed not washing their hands a full 20 seconds with soap and warm water, they will be reported and fined? 

I think we are dangerously close to losing more than physical health from covid-19, we could also lose our humanity. 

Senior Advisor

Re: Im tired of it

Losing freedom is not a matter to be taken lightly, many have given their lives for our freedom.  While some ideas seem so good (to some) that they must be mandatory, others see the removal of basic freedoms without any say in the matter.  Freedom includes the freedom to choose, whether to go to church, a funeral, weddings, the movies, etc.  On the other hand, if one does those things, there should be a list of who went to what function and when -- just in case someone tests positive, and tracking shows who might have been exposed, etc.  A short-term limited loss of freedom in this type of case, especially in those areas where Covid-19 is already widespread, helps cap the spread while assisting tracking and reducing overall costs to, and consumption of, the healthcare system.  Not all states, counties, cities and towns are alike.  There are things that do not require a federal mandate, yet a particular state mandate might be prudent.  Again, there are things that do not require a state mandate, yet a county or city mandate might be prudent.  If someone knows they are infected with the virus, yet still attends a gathering/function, or otherwise purposely meets with anyone and exposes them, they should be held accountable.  The more we trust each other, the less we need mandates, and the less we trust each other, the more we need mandates.

In my own county, we have had 28 verified cases of Covid-19 (all quarantined, plus 1 who passed away) -- verified infection rate 0.09%.  Even if infection rate is doubled, it's less than 0.2%, which means 99.8% not infected.  I'm not saying that everyone should be turned loose, churches opened, kids in school, etc., because the actions taken have likely kept infections lowered, yet some of the actions around here have likely gone well beyond logic and well beyond nearly anyone's cost-benefit process, causing huge economic losses to many small businesses in small towns, and many not working.

Nobody is saying Covid-19 isn't serious, yet many are saying to remain cognizant of the cumulative costs in other areas, ie, physical and emotional health, social costs, economic costs.  We all die from something.  Everything is relevant, and everything is relative.

Honored Advisor

Re: Im tired of it

Yes WCMO, where is the "sweet spot" or have we already passed it?  We have to work and generate income at some point to afford the vaccine research and masks and ventilators, it takes money for equipment to save lives.  Getting stimulus money to buy things we need can`t go on for long.  Is the fed going to print money to buy bonds that finance the Trillion$ in stimulus that will ultimately forgiven?  Or paid off with congress minting a few $1 Trillion coins?  And will the rest of the world put up with our 'cleanest dirty shirt" shtick? 

We had to "do something" the "house was on fire" the "golden goose was sick" and we still don`t know exactly what we`re dealing with in Covid-19.

Senior Advisor

Re: Im tired of it

I wrote a long, well-thought response to that BA, but it didn't post (message said "authentication failed").  I'm not going to think thru it again.

So, suffice it to say that coming up with decent answers to this would be well-above my pay grade.

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Re: Im tired of it

Parts of the country are talking of reopening sooner than later. We can't hide under the bed forever.

Senior Advisor

Re: Im tired of it

My wife and I in a far better position to exist with it than most, in many ways. We're grateful for that.

When the official orders are lifted we plan to continue with altered habits for some time, so just getting used to it.

It will probably be sometime next year before we're going to sporting events, the theater, restaurants etc. Not in a huge hurry to return to communal worship- just see how that unfolds.

Nobody is yet reckoning with that fact as far as what economic normalcy will look like. Loans and grants aside, a lot of small businesses, bricks and mortar retailers etc. aren't going to see the sort of resurgence in business that will return them to good health.

Although the greater purpose in all of this may be null and void even if many are still going about our lives differently- that is protecting others, the community, our country.