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Re: Impartial fact checking, not

We're talking about Trump, not Obama. Obama is
No longer president. You think you can counter
Everything by saying Obama. I'm growing tired
Of that kind of crap. Yes...we get it that you didn't
Like why can't you get it thru your
Thick skulls, that some people don't like Trump..
But oh can't live it there, you have to
Label them, and then go back next and on as nauseum.
Jr high and high school kids act and talk that
Way. Haven't you grown up yet ? This forum has
Gone to the dogs for that can't carry
On a civil, sincere, intelligent, thought provoking
Exchange, without someone posting a graphic,
Quoting rush, or bashing a culture or race of

As my grandpa used to say, act your age, not iq.