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Senior Advisor

Impeachment line crossed

Today Trump's lawyer spilled the beans

The white house has been trying to stop the
Investigation, by blocking John Kelly to

Also they have been talking about what trump
Can talk about.'s over... tampering with an investigation,
Thats it...and further, haul trump in for questions.
He is under the light of investigation.....treat him
As such.

End of discussion

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Veteran Advisor

Re: Impeachment line crossed

Sadly, it won’t happen before Nov. if then.
Senior Contributor

Re: Impeachment line crossed

End of discussion. What a jerk.
Honored Advisor

Re: Impeachment line crossed

End of discussion?   We can always hope. 

Senior Contributor

Re: Impeachment line crossed

good thing schnur "seconded" the motion for no more discussion...LMAO

Senior Advisor

Re: Impeachment line crossed

The evidence is clear..again last night his
Own lawyer admitted that trump was using
His office to have the head of the FBI back
Off the general in trouble.

Folks...if you say all the things has done is nothing,
Then you are no better. It is you that are the
Fult that we are crumbling down... because
You allow such a cheat be the president of
This great country.
In some are the guilty on, saying fake
News, and outright support him..when
He says no Russian impact on the election,
You agree with him...yet the Senate committee
Controlled by Republicans say yes !!

The biggest problem this country faces is not
The Russians, china, Mexico, Canada, north Korea,
Immigration, healthcare, trade.

Nope, not even's you trump people,
For not using the tools the founding fathers
And god Almighty give you.

God give you a brain...he also give you a sense
Of right and wrong...but your not using it.
When the media (oh it's all fake unless he says so.
Stand back and just think about it, it's only
True unless I say so...wake up)

Then the founding fathers give you tools...write
Your paper, call your congressman, and demand
Action to be taken...if not, don't re-elect.

If you support and say that nothing is
Are just as guilty of hurting this country as
He is.

This constant batter about Clinton, Obama, is
Just smoke and dust..they are gone, they can
Not hurt us.
Trying to compair what happened then and is
What a child would do...a child's logic...have
You not progressed futher ?

A child's logic is. ""Well Johnny did it, isn't
He going to get a spanking""

All you trump people that keep wrapping
Yourself in the flag need to wake up.

First, some of the things that Trump and
His supporters do with the flag, I find offensive.
True, it is only is a
Don't cheapen it like I've seen by trump
And his supporters.

There is more, but I have work and worries.

Both made worse by ""the president""
Veteran Advisor

Re: Impeachment line crossed

Hey bass keep laughing, you’re all *****.

Senior Contributor

Re: Impeachment line crossed

Just once.


Tell us what impact the Russians had on the election.  Tell us exactly what they did and how it affected your vote for Hillary.


No quibble, just facts.  No fake opinions, nothing but proven truth.  



Senior Contributor


You and Mad Max would make a great couple.

Veteran Advisor

Re: Impeachment line crossed

Havenot, I guess we will have to wait for Mueller to tell us. Why don’t you tell us how you know they didn’t?